Please Register to Vote!

Register to Vote!  Today is National Voter Registration Day! Imagine, it’s election day and you go to vote but realize you forgot to register.  And your voice is lost.  Forever.  You will never be able to go back and cast that vote.  And you have to live with that.  Don’t let that happen.  If you are not registered, please register today.  And then make sure you and everyone you know votes!  Just like one must take at least a few minutes to prepare to debate, one must also take a few minutes to get registered to vote.  Don’t be that person who didn’t take those few minutes.  

NOTE: Registration deadlines vary by state. Some states require voters to register 30 days before the election. Others require more time, others less. Don’t delay and risk losing your opportunity to exercise your right to vote.

Time Is Running Out!

Opens Season for FEGLI is almost over!  The Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance Program, FEGLI, is having an Open Season that started September 1st and ends September 30, 2016.  This is the first FEGLI open season since 2004!  Now is a great time to check your coverage and make any updates to your beneficiaries.  For more info see OPM’s website.